You like to Eat At Fresco?

We know each other from Service Trade Evening on the Orpheum, because we’re regulars at the same espresso shops, restaurants and bars, we know each other from the co-ops, we know one another because we’ve had one million jobs every (and all of us worked at CapTel not less than once), as a result of we reside in every shitty townie home in ever-changing teams of two – 7 individuals, because we’re young and horny and screw one another incessantly, as a result of we’re all on fb, and because we aren’t anti-social, life-denying, anal orgy world-sterilizing pieces of human garbage like the two of you. We’re not radically nonviolent. All main cities are occupied. What are you gonna do? All land-grant University towns are occupied. That you possibly can sit on the steps of our home, stroll the streets of our metropolis, lie about us to strangers, inform gun-toting rednecks from out of state and the Northwoods how depraved and deserving of punishment we are all whereas maintaining plausible deniability for any of the results that your actions may cause?

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