Vital Tips as well as Facts for Picking a Waterpik for Your Dental Health

In 1962 the Aqua Tee corporation later to be known as Waterpik came into being. Since then Waterpik has become one of the premier makers of not only water jet based tooth flossing tools, but in addition other personal care and oral health products.

One of the most effective water flossing helpers is the Waterpik Wp 100. There are reasons that are many why the WP-100 functions very effectively.

Facts as well as Tips The WP 100 is the Ultra Water Flosser. It is successful for cleaning and flossing a lot of types of tooth conditions. Individuals with braces, dentures, crowns and other types of dental fixtures may benefit greatly by utilizing a Waterpik.

facts as well as Tips

Any time you compare the difference in between the usage of regular string like floss as well as using the Waterpik Wp 100, studies show that wetness flossing is far more effective. Often cleaning difficult to reach spots around your teeth can be very hard with string floss and also tooth picks or any other usual cleaning tools. This is exactly where the Waterpik comes in. A jet of water with the best tip could truly make an improvement in removing food particles as well as maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.

To meet Your Dental Health Needs

For kids and people with brackets along with other tooth installations a high pressure stream of water coupled with an oral health rinse product is the most productive cleaning method obtainable.

To meet Your Dental Health Needs

The Waterpik Wp 100 Ultra Water Flosser includes lots of attachments. You can find six different tips that offer six different methods to clean your teeth. You’ll find ideas to get rid of plaque, to clean the tongue of yours of bacteria build up for fresher breath along with a tip for orthodontic requirements. There is also a tip for getting into pockets and prodentim website a tip that acts as a toothbrush.

Waterpik Wp-100 Ultra Water Flosser

Fewer Trips to the Dentist Very few folks are looking forward to going to a dentist, myself included. I do not really love going to the dental hygienist for teeth cleaning. I will do just what it takes to stay away from going to the dental office. If there is a tool I can use to keep the teeth of mine very clean and healthy I will generally test it. I have discovered combining the Waterpik combined with a good natural, sugarless and chemical tooth paste on my toothbrush as well as a traditional string floss as a backup that I can lower the amount of trips for the dental office.

Less Trips to the Dentist

Clinical Studies

You’ll notice some really informative studies that had been performed by different laboratories that show a fifty % improvement in oral health between regular flossing and flossing with a Waterpik. An also higher effective price is discovered for combating gingivitis, bleeding gums and for taking out plaque. When tooth health expert are expected which water flosser they will recommend it is usually the Ultra Flosser Waterpik WP-100.

Medical Studies

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