Top Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

A new study showed that 93% of decisions in the buying process on Instagram are based on visual appearance. Making use of high-quality images and videos can skyrocket your income. Over 90% of businesses on Instagram does not care what their audience thinks. Most businesses make a post and disappear until the next post.

And, if you analyze the top 100 brands in the world, 90% of them have an Instagram account. Businesses have started to react more and more to this rapidly growing platform. Instagram has come a long way since it originated in 2010, and businesses are starting to take note. Choose a photo to share every week or every month that aligns with your brand’s message. Check out your audience’s demographics, like their age or top locations. The research also shows that you should post between one and two times per day, but no more or less.

Check out this Story by H&M in which they use the CTA, « See More, » to direct people from Instagram to their website’s product catalog. This will also let you check all conversations about your brand in one place. It also helps you reach a much larger audience base that you could not have reached yourself. Always mention your actual name in your Instagram bio, not just your Instagram handle name, as it makes it easier for people to find you. Upload a high-quality profile picture that reflects your branding.

Sync your store data and connect other tools to unlock more automation features. You can even add the « link in the bio » text on your post captions to encourage your users to visit your website. More engagement would mean more followers which would mean an increased presence which would ultimately mean more sales.

Read more about buy followers instagram here. Instagram has created a space for long-format content with Guides. Is a feature within Instagram Stories that lets you broadcast videos to your followers live, or in real-time. Once your accounts are connected, your Instagram page will automatically display a business category underneath your account name. A business account doesn’t allow you to have different categories on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure you select one that works on both platforms.

I’ve also included plenty of examples from a variety of brands who get it right. If the trends continue, Instagram will overtake Facebook in advertising in the near future, and maybe even in the amount of users as well. But for the time being, Facebook is still relevant for marketing. Don’t abandon Facebook just yet—but keep an eye on the horizon by developing your Instagram presence. But when it comes to direct customer engagement and building your brand identity, Instagram is the clear winner . It’s also more direct access to the under 30 crowds, and with less competition.

Check out how TripAdvisor reaches out to travelers interested in France with hashtags like #EiffelTower and #Paris. A constant stream of posts should be coming from your account throughout the week. In fact, if my memory is correct, not one account posted more than once a day. Additionally, there has been a lot of debate around whether or not your picture should be square, and if the shape of the picture affects your Instagram engagement or not. Honestly, all of these tourism accounts that I have looked at post amazingly beautiful and high quality pictures. Create a regular lineup of great images that follow a particular editing style or color scheme.

Nevertheless, the platform can serve as a great marketing tool, so here’s our guide on how to use Instagram to get sales. Let’s start with how to create an Instagram business profile. As you may have guessed from above, Instagram is a great tool to market your business. In fact, Retail Touchpoints says that 72% of users report making purchase decisions based on something they saw on Instagram. Promoting business on Instagram also allows you to build a community based on your brand’s beliefs, products, and niche – it’s a branding goldmine.

Like all things social media, it’s difficult to keep your audience engaged over a longer period. Because of this, your videos should be as beautiful as the photographs your followers are used to seeing on your feed. Even if your viewer doesn’t get the overall effect, you want them to be able to see the storyline of the Instagram video — even if it’s silent. Whatever your focus, using Instagram video posts to share short, snackable content is a great strategy. The reason is that, like Instagram videos, carousel posts are more versatile than single photos posts. Plus, you can incorporate both photos and videos into your carousel posts, so they’re a great place to get creative.

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