Tooth Health – Why Prevention Is better Than Cure

Simply because the mouth of yours does not bother you does not mean it is healthy. Since disease in the human body starts out on a cellular level, the original breakdown on tooth health is really compact that you don’t actually know it is going on. The brain centers of yours show you something is wrong just after a lot of tissue or structure has been destroyed. Just as people can walk around with cancer for many years and not be mindful of it, you could be getting breakdown in your gum and supporting bone without being aware of it. When your tooth has simply a bit of decay, or your gums are just somewhat inflamed, they do not hurt. Nonetheless, at some stage, you will feel it. Most folks are surprised as soon as the dentist tells them that their dental health is on the line. The patient states, « But I don’t feel it! » or « How come it does not hurt? » Believe me, when it hurts, or maybe gums bleed, you’re in danger! Big trouble!


We want to know what tissues break down, and also exactly why quick breakdown, if not corrected, is like a chain reaction. Each untreated problem can help create a bigger problem. The consequences of a chain of dental breakdown are genuinely amazing:

1. The loss of your very first permanent molar causes six other teeth to shift, the outcome of which is a bad bite on that side of your mouth.

2. A little cavity, not addressed, gets larger, then simply infects the nerve, prodentim benefits leading to great pain. In order to correct the problem might need root-canal work or maybe loss of the teeth.

3. Bleeding gums, left untreated, may ultimately cause destruction of the basic bone. This may lead to loose teeth and finally tooth loss. Could you visualize biting, into an apple and leaving your teeth in to keep the core company? Or not ever chewing corn or steak on the cob again?

Dental disease can basically be considered a cause effect relationship. Bacteria act on the teeth of yours or maybe on the gum of yours and weaken and destroy your enamel or gum tissue. The results of this breakdown in the United States alone are quite substantial.

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