The Mog Log: Future Classes and Jobs For Ultimate Fantasy XIV?

Some of that hypothesis is, in fact, fully out there. Likelihood: Pretty certain. Some speculation is that we’ll see this class in the subsequent major patch, rounding out the one missing class of Limsa Lominsa, which might make me very happy even when I do not think it is completely seemingly. With this class you get to shoot it like Merlwyb, which I think we can all agree is a commendable goal as a result of Merlwyb is totally superior and deserves our constant respect, full cease. If it has a trigger and you can shoot it, this is its house. You don’t just shoot guns; you get to use unusual machines or otherwise bring out some bizarre stuff to aid in battle. And a few of it’s on the market in a method that can be totally cool and would attract an entire lot of curiosity. From Eorzea to Vana’diel, there may be a constant: the moogles.

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