10 Strategies for Toenail Fungus Prevention and Removal

1. Get your feet out of sweaty shoes and socks whenever you are able to. Fungus loves to grow in warm moist places. Like inside you sweat socks after exercising.

Intriguing fact: About 50 % the population would have had toenail fungus by the age of 70. Toenail fungus is a lot more common than fingernail fungus. As soon as you realize that you have a nail fungus, it is really important to begin therapy right away prior to the fungus becomes worse and spreads.

2. Use Foot powder to help you keep your toes and kerassentials hoax (check this link right here now) feet dry while you’re working out. This helps absorb some of the dampness.

Interesting fact: Toenail fungus is not the item of poor personal hygiene.

3. Generally put on flip-flops in places like public long showers, locker rooms, and pools (walking on your tippy toes across the bathroom floor will not protect the feet) of yours.

Exciting Fact: Nails are made of a protein called keratin (dead cells), and that is discovered in human hair. Toenail fungus is attracted to keratin and wants to feed on it.

4. Never ever share your toenail clippers with anyone. This is a big NO NO. Fungus is going to reside on the ends of your respective clippers allowing it to be transferred from one person to yet another.

Intriguing fact: Injuring a toenail allows for the fungus being underneath the nail and therefore the nail becomes more susceptible.