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'Plumbers' film themselves rifling through sex toy drawer - Metro Video Shiver (05/14/14) The issues of measuring good results (05/13/14) This is an instance of a chemistry joke (05/11/14) Hexagonal tiling on a water flea reminds us that Nature’s great guide is written in arithmetic (05/10/14) First-identified contemporary instance of an ANTI-acknowledgement in a major technological paper (05/09/14) The joy of logic. Gene Wolfe together in uncommon 1982 online video (11/13/13) Technical paper. Victim: « I’m an atheist » (12/30/13) It is now time to park the cattle (12/29/13) Mystical movie of horses, with voice-around expressing horse thoughts (12/28/13) In the illuminated icy esophagus of God (12/27/13) Oh, the horror. Here are « correct » values (12/03/13) Two fractal beings, moaning for their mathematical gods (12/02/13) Sometimes, the lizard’s tail reminds me of arithmetic (12/01/13) Locust swarm of biblical proportions envelopes Paul McCartney in an orgy of horror (11/30/13) The Birds is 1 of my beloved motion pictures (11/28/13) Draw the unattainable. 01/18/14) Nice. Young Stephen Hawking and his initial spouse Jane (01/17/14) Sometimes, a Russian diamond mine reminds us of a black gap (01/16/14) Sometimes, the spiral tail of a cat is like a poem (01/15/14) You are always in just three feet of a spider: Fact or Fiction? (01/14/14) Now reside: My reply to John Brockman’s 2014 Edge Annual Question: « What Scientific Idea Is Ready For Retirement? » (01/13/14) Interesting visualization showing earth dimensions (smaller blue balls) inside of larger sized ball (sun measurement) (01/12/14) Child discusses with mother his feelings about consuming animals (01/11/14) 2 Skeletons Engaged in Sex.

Agência de Modelos: DanDee: Junho 2011 Cat. Dressed like shark. His cat is well known (03/31/14) Mathematics and Beauty: A Sampling of Spirals and ‘Strange’ Spirals in Science, Nature and Art (03/29/14) 167 Theremin gamers execute Beethoven’s Ode to Joy (03/28/14) How many squares can you count in this window? (03/27/14) This is the scientist-priest Georges Lemaitre, popular for the Big Bang principle of the universe (03/26/14) Here are the Top 10 Scottish researchers in history. 03/01/14) Mysterious alien corpse turns out to be a feminine mummified baboon (02/29/14) How to Sleep on the Moon (making use of arithmetic, of course) (02/28/14) Imagine the joy of traveling together the complete Route 66 in the U.S. Interactive Generative Art (11/27/13) A Star Trek leader can take his seat in a startling way that no one particular has noticed till now (11/26/13) Odd indicator to influence adult males to wash palms soon after employing toilet (11/25/13) He preferred to produce down his equations ahead of he died (11/24/13) Carbon courting procedures. People are often annoyed, but on event they could really give some indication they assumed what you stated was amusing. 2) Give them hundreds of stickers.

Wilson is the national spokesman of the Prostate Cancer Foundation exactly where there is a Creativity Award in his name which donates hundreds of 1000’s of bucks a year to scientists across the region for the enhancement of creative science that conforms to PCF funding concepts but is brief-expression and built to enable growth of in any other case unfunded concepts. McRoberts, Kenneth. 1997. Misconceiving Canada: The Struggle for National Unity. It’s annoying simply because I have destructive thoughts about sex and I very almost never have it. There are a number of gentlemen on W4M hunting for an online sexual intercourse chat that. She has many cats, 3 of which are named Donald, Sandy, and Mr. Cat-Face. The Simple Life, buying the output of a fourth time and acquiring the rights to repeat the first three seasons. Season seven. Episode 9. November 21, 2013. CBS. An Chol-gang, ed. (November 2014). Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in the Year 2013 (PDF). The important big difference involving v1 and v2 was that the customer specified a GUID that was saved in the Windows Registry, which authorized each individual consumer to have a exceptional, and semi-permanent GateKeeper deal with. When you’re finished, they’ll have 4 visuals to symbolize their views on the questions and can choose turns sharing it with people around them.

These 2 publications, in theory, incorporate the sum whole of all human expertise (05/08/14) Four technologists keeping the guts of ENIAC, a nineteen forties computer (05/07/14) Italian photographer Barbara Scerbo has an extremely expressive and baffling imagination (05/06/14) This is a geometry joke (05/05/14) Aliens amongst us. Gang associates armed with superior-run weapons and webcam-Shows awareness and know-how obtained from employment in legislation enforcement, corrections, or the armed forces may well pose an raising nationwide danger, as they make use of these strategies and weapons against law enforcement officials, rival gang users, and civilians. This Clever Bug Spray Billboard is Actually a Horrifying Giant Insect Trap (12/07/13) Sometimes, fractals excite the creativeness, making us marvel about fact and transcendence (12/06/13) Imagine the joy of finding this periodic purpose that may well, or might not, intersect finitely lots of moments (12/05/13) Man ways on the edge of a ledge named infinity (12/04/13) Most math posters only display approximations of these significant numbers. The virtual world might depict a genuine entire world or a fantasy globe. Worth a glimpse (11/23/13) Fruit gets acutely aware, producing a spontaneous recent just before embarking on globe domination (11/22/13) Sometimes, Hilbert Curves can be somewhat fascinating (11/21/13) Chemistry: warped Periodic Table dependent on relative abundance (11/20/13) « Tomatoes and the Pythagorean theorem. » (11/19/13) The Math of Star Trek: The Original Series (11/18/13) H.P.