Two Years of Battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray: a Retrospective

This had many individuals questioning if this conflict could be over earlier than it started, as Common grew to become the one remaining major studio to solely back HD DVD. Lastly, Toshiba held a press conference in Japan that would effectively and definitively end the HD media format struggle after 1 year, 10 months and 5 days. Pink compelled Blu to be more involved about its transfers and authoring, to cut back prices earlier than it might have liked, and to market itself more closely than if there was no format conflict at all. It is onerous to believe it is truly over, however for greater than two years we have adopted what has come to be one among our favourite subjects as Blu has confronted Crimson in a battle to be the subsequent physical residence media format. Then, in the Fall of ’07, HD DVD dropped the bomb on the BDA, one that would’ve very easily been the watershed moment that shifted issues in its favor.

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