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The odds are the prices, that sports bettors pay on the betting market, and successful betting is all about paying a good price , which means betting on the odds, where the estimated true odds are higher than bookmakers odds. An option to project your odds US and Decimal before bookmakers The model uses free available advanced stats Adjusted Kelly criterium to select qualified bets Lineup based model Goalie-based model select the starting goalie before every game Fully automated model.

I bet small amounts, and formula1 betting track bets check my youtube channel for more info and it is still a journey, but esports betting is a good option for many new and old sports bettors to move from sharp markets like NFL and have a bigger advantage. Part of the statistics I used from football-reference and they locked advanced players stats, and because the idea of my work is to help average sports bettors to create betting models based on free available stats, I went back to a simple team-based betting model.

But the main idea is a simple algorithm, everything else is just the details Team stats-based model I have created and tested on almost every single league with profitable overall results on more than 2000 bets. It is very important to understand that sports betting is a relative competition against other bettors not only against bookmakers , where most people who bet on sports, don t use any probabilistic betting method. All other things, like visual aspects of the model, the colors, copy pasting, Online Casino or scrapping the data from the internet are just the details that can be improved anytime and Sports betting can make our betting life easier.

Ability to project your spreads and totals for euroleague football betting any basketball league you want The idea and the simple algorithm were successfully implemented in other smaller sports and leagues like rugby, handball, and volleyball, The focus is on free available stats and the stats can be used anywhere. Ability to project your odds US and Decimal before bookmakers The model uses free CSGO statistics Lineup Based model I make 6 copy paste once per week when the stats are updated usually at the end of events.

The idea of the basketball betting model and the spreadsheet was to attack international and even smaller basketball markets, where we project the lines based on available free stats and then look for the discrepancy between our projected lines totals and bookmakers totals. MLB baseball betting model My 1 model Basketball betting model the best simple model CSGO esports betting model the future of betting NBA betting model NHL betting model NFL simple betting model CBB simle betting model Soccer betting model.

3 months agoWe offer Sports Betting software customized according to your market and preferences, our specialists will work alongside you, learning your needs and the market requirements, delivering to you a complete Sportsbook Platform.

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