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Could you save the world, catch a killer, escape a vampire or bring down a tyrant – in one hour or less? Those are just a handful of the nail-biting missions you can take on at Sydney’s exciting array of escape rooms. Add your best escape room meme to one of the pictures below, screen shot the image, add you text and send in your submissions to us at if your Meme is published you will win a prize. Usually verbalised by a grumpy old person and followed by « Get out of here! It seemed fitting for a business whose sole intention is to lock people in rooms and set them the task of escaping for fun. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend keeping your escape room bookings to a maximum of 4 people per room.

All challenges have a strong plot, which makes trying to escape these rooms even more fun. The Insane Asylum challenge is worth a go and you’ll be in the middle of a story that sees you locked inside an insane asylum and trying to escape. You’ll start to hear voices but you don’t know until the end if they’re real or whether it’s all in your head. In terms of what you can play IRL, the Ex Libris room merges real life with fiction via a whole bunch of literary-based puzzles…so who’s the Hermione Granger in your group? For a more intense escape mission, try to solve the Artefact—a mission centred around an alien artefact no less.

Sydney has plenty of escape scenarios to sink your teeth into—including rooms with laser beams, rooms dated back to the 1900s and even challenges with a 10 percent success rate. Bookings for an Escape Room are by appointment for set sessions starting from 10am until we close at 10pm, 7 days per week. We are even open on public holidays, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Anzac Day. The best type of Escape Room is one in which you feel totally immersed in the physical surroundings as though you have walked onto a movie set. All objects should blend in with the theme so that you believe that everything could be a potential clue.

We are so confident that you will enjoy our Escape Rooms that we offer a 100% Fun Guarantee. This is not a test of « what you know » as all the tools and information you need to complete the tasks are provided in the room. You will be required to solve practical and logical tasks similar to every day life. You will use teamwork to solve the challenges; working together and communicating to ensure your success.

Each player is given a time period to unravel the plot that is hidden in the rooms. Escape Rooms Sydney are perfect for birthday celebrations for hens, bucks nights and birthday parties corporate team building activities as well as school excursions and groups bookings. Simply the best type of social activity for all ages, with active challenges for teams of 2-6 people. After a mission briefing, your team will enter a themed room, search for clues, solve a series of puzzles and challenges to discover the secret code to escape the room before time runs out. If you’re looking for an on-site solution, Escape Hunt can bring the adventure to you through immersive game play and challenging-fun that requires little to no space at all.

Their main challenge was to identify the specific book that both the receiver and the sender of the code had public access to. This, however, can be quite a daunting task given that they had to dig through a number of books that could have been used. It is highly advisable to first focus on identifying the book as soon as the code is found. And while you assign one or two people in the group to find it, make sure there is already someone at the ready to start writing the message down.

Treasure Hunts brings and props to your staff office meetings. Escape through locked and hidden doors to a labyrinth of puzzle room challenges that are addictive. There are multiple games to choose from, each requiring you to save the world. At Labyrinth Escape Rooms, there are five dark rooms to test yourself in and be warned—you’ll need every ounce of logical-thinking and skill-based talent you can muster.

Our goal is to turn our Church Street location into a venue for more than just escape rooms – alternative gaming, functions, and much more. We also aim to set up our games in other locations throughout Australia. The biggest step we faced was actually finding our first location. Commercial spaces were expensive and oh, boy were some of them ugly.

Unlike most escape rooms rely heavily on locks, you can hardly find them in here. Featuring high-tech puzzles and immersing decorations across 4x Adventure themed escape rooms, Ice Break offers an escape challenge to suit all tastes. A family owned and operated escape room centre run by escape room enthusiasts, Narrow Escape offers 3x fully immersive Adventure themed rooms. Your team, must find and resolve 6 activity clues within 60 minutes within 600m to unlock the treasure chest and escape. Props include beloved childhood books, cars, trains, toy soldiers and teddy bears, all of them seemingly quaint at first but gradually taking on a more sinister dimension. The storylinebuilds in intensity as players progress through the puzzles, ending in a demonic event that is an extraordinary coup de theatre.

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