Pluralistic: 25 Jul 2022 – Pluralistic: Every Day Hyperlinks From Cory Doctorow

To succeed in your audience you need to go through the chokepoints they have erected, and if you do, Bytechstore any additional copyright powers Congress has granted you is taken away as a condition of entry (think of how Audible nonconsensually takes away your right to make use of DRM regulation if you want to checklist your audiobooks). I feel audiences get that there is one thing really improper with a system the place a single firm controls a complete literary format. This is the place we get to the existential-danger-to-all-pc-users half. After i switched working systems and will no longer get an Audible playback program, I used to be in hazard of shedding my audiobook investment. After all, you will solely discover this book if Audible ACX accepts it. And Audible won’t let authors or publishers choose out of DRM. When Amazon introduced its Audible acquisition, they promised that they’d take away DRM from the Audible store, and i rejoiced.

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