How To Work Effectively From Home During Covid

Though they may be more productive and inspired in their new remote environment, they may feel pressured to make it clear that they are getting a lot done. This can lead to remote employees overworking in order to appear that they are doing just as much work as everyone else. Needless to say, those extra hours do not make for a better experience for you or for your employer. To avoid this overcompensation and potential burnout, stay connected to your team. Establish a daily habit of updating your team members via email or via an instant message platform like Slack.

If you have a home office, that is good, but it doesn’t need to be a home office. What you need is space that accommodates your work and that will not hurt you. Offices often have ergonomic furniture that are meant to support you for a long time. If you find yourself working at a dining room table, on a couch, or on your bed, be aware of how you’re sitting, and be sure to get up and move around every once in a while.

Needless to say, the location per se doesn’t matter that much, rather, the workspace does matter a lot. As remote workers, there are also other options such as working from a cafe, a library, or a coworking space. These options are also brilliant alternatives to get in the right mood for your shift, to remain focused, and definitely more productive. To create a dedicated working space when working from home is to get in the right mindset out of your living room and bedroom. It indicates to your brain that it’s time to get to work, it’s the right place to stick notes with reminders, and it’s where you’ll potentially be less distracted. Taking in fresh air from outside is essential to keep our brain awake, to get more refreshed, and to work from home effectively.

In the office, you can talk to your colleague or boss in person, but that isn’t possible when working from home. The entire communication relies on video meetings, chat system, and email. To overcompensate for missed communication, always over-communicate. This includes waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day.

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That means, not setting up shop in your bed or from your sofa, but actually sitting at a table to ensure you have good posture. People who worked from home spent an average of 35 percent of saved commuting time on their jobs, the researchers find. They devoted the rest to other activities, including household chores, childcare, leisure activities such as watching movies and TV, outdoor exercise, and even second jobs. For the first three months employees were happy — it was the euphoric honeymoon period. But by the time the experiment had run its full length, two-thirds of the employees requested to return to the office.

Choose an office chair that provides adequate back and neck support. Consider making modifications to your workspace to make it more ergonomic, such as raising your monitor. As technology advances, people are increasingly connected to their jobs from almost any device.

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