How To Use Instagram Properly To Promote Your Kajabi Course

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Instagram is by far one of the most popular social media networks, making it an ideal place to spread the word about your business. The following you build on the platform can help you increase your conversion rates if you have a reliable way to direct traffic back to your website. The site is now owned by Facebook, and has quickly built up a huge user base. Over 854.5 million people are active members of Instagram today. In fact, Instagram is topped only by Facebook and YouTube in numbers, making it one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

Brand awareness has a direct impact on sales, so it just can’t be ignored in any case. To become top of mind, you need to expand knowledge about your brand, therefore, invest your time and/or money in Instagram promotions. Ig promotions provide you more exposure, therefore, more people find out about your brand. With promotions, you get more chances to generate a killer buzz around you as well as be noticed and followed. Several influencers get together, come up with presents to raffle, and announce the giveaway in Stories.

Let them be the first to know about new products, services or events. Create teaser photos that build anticipation or satisfy curiosity for your new releases, office openings or stores. This kind of preview makes your Instagram followers feel special and keeps them coming back for more insider information. Read more about buy IG Likes here. Many content creators who use Instagram to promote their blog participate in so-called « Engagement groups ». These are a group of accounts who agree to like and comment on each other’s posts on Instagram.

Then, ask their permission to share the post, and once you have it you can repost it. You can do this by screenshotting it and then cropping it to fit, or you can use a reposting app to do the heavy lifting for you. UGC is a great part of an Instagram strategy because it highlights your customers, builds trust with your followers and saves you some time on content creation. A good way to be found by your target audience is to use the hashtags popular within your industry. Whenever you upload a photo, add the relevant hashtags already in use on Instagram. Then add a hashtag that’s unique to your business or to a specific campaign you’re running.

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