How to Master Instagram Reels

But if only a few of them do, and those accounts have thousands of followers, those followers will all hear your music and can visit your account from there. Many have been seduced by the idea of buying followers or using bots. These techniques are are useless as Instagram caught on really quick that people were trying to rig the algorithms. There are now even tools to learn the legitimacy of a profiles followers. After your live stream, the video is deleted forever.

Planetary Group takes a custom approach for each and every artist we work with. Take a look at the services we provide and let us help your band reach the next level in your musical career. Be quick and humorous, or catchy and focused on the music. What are the different types of music videos you can post?

It’s a great way to increase shares and engagement, and it’s easy to use. Instagram’s focus is shifting away from images and toward videos. Utilize Reels and IGTV to promote music and band, in addition to the Stories and Posts you’ve been generating. Enhance your material with information and interact with the other bands & artists.

A small snippet of your life, or a story divided into multiple parts, make for an engaging and relatable experience for your viewers. Digital creator Melhas created an easy checklist for anyone who struggles to pose for pictures. A small snippet of your life, or a story divided into multiple parts, makes for an engaging and relatable experience for your viewers.

Especially if you work with video content, it can save you a lot of time and effort while helping you create high quality content to boost your brand. Also, creating video content and adding music is additional work. Read more about here. Depending on your brand and target audience, it might not be worth it for you. Use IGTV to share the entire music video on Instagram. You can share a clip of your IGTV video, adding an option to swipe up to view more. Unfortunately, you can’t pay to promote an IGTV video .

Remember that only the first few words will be displayed on Reels without users clicking on the « show more » tab, so choose wisely. Start with a strong lede to capture your audience’s interest, and put in plenty of relevant hashtags to increase your potential visibility. Use the piece of audio you prefer, then fill in the visuals. Though the Reels feature isn’t necessarily offering anything new to the Instagram platform overall, the good news is that it will hold its own. Instagram Reels are a fun great addition to Instagram. Instead, Instagram Reels will actually have a clickable button on the new Instagram homepage.

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