How to Get Your First 1000 Art Instagram Followers

A popular hashtag like #art might have 361 million posts under it. When you hold a contest, remember that your post should have one and only one motive. Now, when you post a comment on a fellow artist’s post, people who are commenting on that same post may see your comment.

If you find the topics related to social listening, brand monitoring, and brand reputation management interesting, don’t hesitate to browse our blog. According to Social Media Examiner the more you go live, the more exposure your non-live content will receive. Reach refers to individual users and impressions refers to the total number of views. That’s why the count of Instagram Impressions will always be higher than the number of Instagram reach.

Storytelling, expressing feelings, providing a setting, giving the backstory will add to the post. A beautiful picture without a caption is still just a picture. A great caption is what turns a picture into a story and a memory. Captions will not increase your exposure, but they will, in fact, be one of the determining factors if the user is going to follow you or not. Turn the visitors into followers by impressive post descriptions.

If there’s a new brand of paint you are using that you’ve fallen in love with, take a photo and make sure to tag the brand to share with them how much you love their products. You also have the ability to tag users and use hashtags with Instagram Stories, which just adds another way to widen your audience reach. There are hundreds of people posting photos under that hashtag and in such a short moment, your post will be buried under all the later posts coming after it.

Plus, you can templatize things to ensure consistency and make more great content efficiently. My number one recommendation here is Canva, but there are other free tools out there like Afterlight and Facetune. Run contests where entrants post a picture of them using your product or service. To develop your own style, make sure you have your overall brand developed. Your positioning, voice, brand colors, audience, and offerings will all play into your Instagram aesthetic. We’ll also send you updates on new educational guides and success stories from the Shopify newsletter.

However, if you are using Instagram to drive traffic to your business website then always remember that the images should revolve around what your company is selling. If you are selling women’s clothing for example then post high-quality photos that show off the latest trends in women’s fashion. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. You can use user-generated video platforms to collect, edit, and display user-generated video content for your marketing campaigns. You can also tag people in your photos, share your post to other social media platforms that your account is linked to, and use hashtags to better categorize your images.

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