How to get More Instagram Likes & Why They Still Matter

You can share a teaser of a new launch, employees in the office or you can share day-to-day activities. With features like Instagram stories, feed, reels, and IG Lives you can share this type of content wherever and however long you’d like. So, to increase Instagram likes, promote your feed posts through your stories. This could make your posts visible to more people who otherwise wouldn’t have seen them. This social commerce feature can help you to gain more followers as you share your best sellers and gain a few sales along the way. With Instagram shop features, people can experience the joy of shopping versus the chore of buying.

Read more about buy real instagram likes here. The new hide-like option on the Instagram app allows you to control whether your Instagram followers or ’Instagram stalkers’ can view your like count. This means you have the power to either hide or unhide likes. In 2022, Instagram announced it was giving users a new option to choose whether to hide likes on the platform or unhide likes.

You want yours to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing to stop your followers from swiping by. This is where BeFunky can help, as it has a wide range of professionally designed Instagram Story templates that you can tweak within seconds. Learn about this technique that can delight your clients with different products and services and still increase your business’s average ticket. More important than generating good images is creating a good relationship with your followers and building an interesting and inviting page. Maintaining interaction with your followers while checking feedback is even easier.

Use this new feature to build loyalty with new and old followers. You can also use this tool directly from the official app, next to the video-recording tab. The last step is to use your creativity to create boomerangs that appeal to your audience. By using the filter that best suits the style of photo you have taken, you can increase quality and add originality to your photo.

Breaking down the exact hours and days that your followers spend time on the app is vital to maximizing reach and engagement. Another approach to a « call to action » caption is to get people involved. Pose a question in your caption like « Do you like to sleep in or do you wake up early? Ask people questions so they have the opportunity to share their thoughts with you and ultimately give you a boost in likes. Statusbrew offers several metrics that give you complete oversight over your Instagram account. Statusbrew brings social media analytics into one single dashboard by pulling in data from different social platforms and displaying them precisely how you need them to be.

What steps do you take to create the perfect Instagram goal? In the above post you can see that they are only trying to achieve one goal from that image, a double tap/like . They probably won’t get much traffic or sales from this post, but they will get maximum engagement. Twicsy has been voted the number one site to buy Instagram likes by Us Weekly, Men’s Journal, AMNY, Washington City Paper and Long Island Press among many other publications. Join thousands of happy Instagrammers and choose Twicsy. More than 1,000 Customers trust us every day to deliver real Instagram likes.

In order to get more likes on an Instagram post, your post needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Increase your traffic by using a simple call to action that encourages your audience to tag a friend or two, and like your latest post. This will add value to your audience, and encourage them to engage with your post by tagging a friend.

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