How To Get More Instagram Followers In 2022

My real life friends are no longer seeing my posts, I only have 130 followers and I’m still getting the same amount of likes but they’re mostly strangers. I have over 150K followers , and I had a nice engagement of likes and no matter what I do the likes have dropped down to 1% of my followers sometimes 1.5 or 2%. No more quiet contemplative photos which was the whole purpose of IG’s original design. I don’t waste 14 seconds of my time watching wanna be’s video content or gushing over bs in some « carefully curated » post. I hate that I have to know all of this nonsense for work.

Just asking someone to follow you may seem a little pushy. But not if you’re willing to offer them something in return. Using a relevant keyword as part of your name will result in more successful searches. You have 30 characters, so don’t be shy about weaving that keyword into your name field. Hey Carl, I think you can definitely tap into it, but the first question is what’s your goal? First, I’d focus on building your owned property with a website.

The account owner recognized my ignorance in this regard, and decided to post the shoutout on a Friday night – one of the worst performing days and times on his feed. Shady of him, and silly of me to not have thought of this. After all, Instagram is a feed, and if nobody is online when your post is published, your results will be bleak. The account had almost a million followers, and we only got around 25 new followers from it.

You’ll see a business account with 30,000 followers getting like 400 likes, and a personal account with 30,000 followers getting 1,000 likes. And the business accounts, when they pay for ads, the organic drops off even more if they stop paying. And we actually experienced that our actual paid eds got less effective. Like if we spent 20 bucks, we’d get 800 likes, then a few posts later we spent 20 bucks and only got 400 likes. The point is that Instagram is trying to hook you into a cycle of needing to pay more and buy more.

If you work with accounts with over 500,000 followers, you can usually see anywhere between new followers (0.01%) from one shoutout. To refresh your memory, these are a free way of working with similar accounts that reach the audience that you want to reach, to put your content in front of their audience . Which will allow you to know what works with the other accounts audience so you can then reverse-engineer a popular post for maximum ROI.

To beat the Instagram algorithm, you need to post quality content and note what your followers enjoy. Part of posting quality content uses Instagram Insights to get into how followers interact with your page. By adding #hashtags to your posts you can expand your audience to all the people that algorithm has found an interest in these hashtags. Any posts with hashtags on Instagram notify people following these hashtags.

Note that for hashtags to boost your Instagram SEO, they need to appear in the caption rather than in comments. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post and 10 per story. But you probably don’t want to max out your hashtags very often. Read more about buy instagram followers here. Finding the right rhythm for your brand will take some experimentation.

For instance, TikTok and reels are developing into great ways to attract more followers. You can also get more followers by interacting with your followers by liking and responding to their comments or following their relevant accounts back. Lastly, you can use the appropriate geotags on your social media posts.

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