How to Get More Followers on Instagram

If you want to succeed in influencer marketing, Instagram should be on top of your priorities. As of January 2021, Instagram has now 1 billion monthly active users. Moreover, 7 out of 10 companies or 71% of US companies use Instagram for marketing purposes. While I recommend sharing the occasional post to Facebook and Twitter, you don’t want to share every post to your other sites.

These tactics may bring people to your page, but they’ll give it a quick glance and disappear forever. Regular uploads of Reels can boost your Instagram engagement rate. A higher engagement rate, therefore, dramatically enhances your chance of being featured on Reels. Chose a frequency, experiment, and see what works for you. If you’ve not checked out Instagram Reels yet, go dive in.

Make a list of popular accounts in your niche, raid their follower lists, and start liking 100 to 150 pictures in each account. What kind of content you’ll upload, different videos and posts that gel well with your niche, and so on. People like to read about other people’s successes, which means these posts will get you likes and followers. If you can work with a micro-influencer to promote your page, you will almost certainly see an increase in likes and followers. They create interest in your profile, leading to more likes and followers on Instagram.

Use other social media channels to amplify the reach of Instagram content. Since Instagram has hundreds of millions of users, chances are many people who follow you on other platforms also have an Instagram account. Sharing content from Instagram on other platforms will provide followers with a reminder to check you out on Instagram as well. Instagram promotes live video differently from other content formats. Existing followers receive a notification , and live videos are promoted in a dedicated live video discover tab. This can be a great way for social media marketers to quickly increase account reach.

Giving your followers access to special promotions and deals is a great way to increase your following. Use this opportunity to share exclusive offers on Reels and increase your followers and sales. Read more about buy instagram followers here. You have another way to make your Instagram account visible with Creating Reels. It can be used to complement your regular posts, IGTV and Live posts as well as your Instagram stories.

Twitter posts are, by necessity, very short, so you might want to add more meat to your Instagram captions. Not only that, but promoting events can get you more exposure. People who are searching for that event on Instagram might discover your post and begin following you because of your shared interests. Additionally, the event’s hosts or organizers might repost whatever you write to promote the event, which brings even more exposure. Choose one product and just one or two benefits at a time.

The CTA should be relevant to the photo, and not the same as the one you used in your bio . You have build your business on the knowledge you possess. Instead of sticking to the traditional methods of dispensing knowledge, find new ways to help people understand the concepts or skills you teach them. Make sure to mention the precise positions that are open for new applicants.

And if you suspect that someone has blocked you, here’s how to find out who blocked you on Instagram. « After photo leak, North Korea said to block Instagram ». « The 100 best iPhone apps of all time » Published December 8, 2015. « Did the bug create this too then? What a lie Instagram » – via Twitter.

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