How to Get Followers on Twitter in 8 Easy Steps

If it’s low value content or promotional stuff, I don’t follow back. I try to be a good actor in social spaces, and I expect you to do the same. Of course, it helps if you share the same interests as me, but I think of that has secondary. Each audience is made up of readers who share similar interests, but it’s also made up of influencers or micro-influencers who may tell other people about you. For this reason, it doesn’t really make sense to turn anyone away. Since 2016, Twitter has also been running its feeds, just like other social media platforms, on an engagement or popularity basis and not on reverse-chronology.

People don’t follow inconsistent creators that post random stuff. Playbook for Indie Entrepreneurs on getting the first 1000 followers on Twitter. Only battle-tested tips to build the audience faster.

For a thematic blog, you need a system and certain content. When a user enters your account, he, first of all, sees how it is designed and how attractive it looks. If you don’t have a full bio and no posts with pictures then your profile looks very boring. It will help you connect with your audience and build trust. When you host a Space, your followers receive a notification, you can also tweet about it.

In May 2021, Twitter announced the launch of Twitter Spaces–a new feature competitive with Clubhouse. Spaces allows users to host or join live audio conversations directly in the platform. Read more about buy followers twitter here. Think of these broadcasts as audio versions of an Instagram Live story. Why you should be paying attention to Twitter when marketing your small business. The greater overlap is also evident when looking at the conversation trend line.

Similarly, make sure you responded to every DM as well. According to Daniel, there are two types of tweets. People can decide to follow me based on all of those elements, so make sure you take advantage of optimizing them for your profile. Although Sahil has less than 10% of Tim’s followers, he got around 190X of the number of likes alone.

Consider your overall marketing strategy goals and what Twitter Analytics metrics align with them. This will help give you better visibility into your campaigns and help improve performance over time. Sometimes it’s OK to ask a funny question just to make your audience laugh. You can launch a quick A/B answer poll to find out anything related to your customers’ lives. Hosting these Twitter events is a fruitful way of establishing authority and credibility in the online community.

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