How to find videos on TikTok and curate your For You page

You can also opt to use your real name so people can easily recognize you. And it’s what you do next that makes all the difference. Because anyone can find your video through search, it’s important to optimize your videos accordingly. YouTube is actually the second-largest search engine in the world. You may already know about SEO, and the practices are similar to ranking on Google.

People will see your videos regularly to learn something from you. You can share your daily routine, such as wake-up time, jogging, bathing time, breakfast, lunch, exercise, refreshment, shopping, hang out, dinner, etc. You can record the whole day in small fractions to show your audience. Another idea is to make separate videos for weekdays and weekends, as people have different routines during the weekend. Emily Standley is a nationally published author, content creator, social media and SEO professional.

TikTok is integrated with video sharing and video creating feature. Click on the three horizontal dots on the upper right corner, you will be able to set your account as private, or who can download your video, who can send comments, etc. From there, you can edit profile, change nickname, view your own videos.

While it may appear to some that TikTok gurus simply turn on a camera and start filming randomly, this is far from the truth. There are strategic moves they make behind the scenes to create clips that resonate with viewers. When you post a new video on TikTok, don’t be afraid to upload it to other networks like Twitter or Instagram. Try the different effects, upload them from the TikTok application itself and add the extras you want, making a video 100% yours. This aspect is important if you are not a personal brand or a well-known company and adding a logo is not enough, you will have to find another way to attract new followers. If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips on how to grow on TikTok.

Building a fanbase is one of the biggest challenges for authors. Whether you’re just starting or have a catalog of published books, you’re likely struggling with the same thing. It can take years, tears, and lots of hard work to successfully establish yourself as an author. Writing your book is hard, but promoting it can be even more challenging. • Instead, use 1 popular, 1 less popular and 1 hashtag relating to the sound.

If you are one of those people who have downloaded TikTok, you probably wonder how the algorithm works. The algorithm is designed to rank creative, entertaining, and engaging content. It looks at factors such as likes, shares, comments, and views. The algorithm ensures that users get the best content they find attractive by populating your feed with as many relevant videos as possible. With 1 billion active users, TikTok has managed to be the third most popular social media network globally.

There are a number of factors that affect the number of views your TikTok account gets. For example, TikTok flags newly-created accounts that post content right away. You need to use the app as a normal user to prevent this before posting your own videos. Your account might also be in the wrong category or use the wrong hashtags. Lastly, don’t forget to post your videos at the right time to entice more viewers. If you post a video when your followers aren’t around to see it, you’ll be less likely to get the views you need.

As long as your video is convincing, a good call to action will inspire people to actually do something. Collaborating with a popular influencer can help you gain a huge increase in views. So, create videos as often as you can and keep getting content out there. Read more about here. It’s possible to add TikToks to your Instagram Stories, Reels, and more.

But more importantly, the TikTok algorithm relies on how a user views and interacts with your video to learn if they should display your video. Views are important on TikTok as they can create a snowballing effect. That is the more views a video gets, the more likely it will be served to larger audiences. Tiktok has considerably more engagement than Instagram or Youtube.

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