How to Create a YouTube Channel to Attract Your Audience

You need to get into the mind of your potential viewer. Read more about buy views on youtube here. The YouTube algorithm is designed to keep people using their platform. And research suggests the algorithm will reward channels that help them reach that goal. Feel free to suggest other YouTubers your viewers should check out. Most YouTubers do know themselves and becoming one of the most highly placed in this social network will help drive your traffic through cross-channel promotion.

Indicates the average percentage of a video your audience watches per view. A higher percentage means there’s a higher chance that your audience will watch that video until the end. Try placing cards and end screens in videos with a higher average percentage viewed rate to improve the number of views your calls-to-action receive.

The exact cost-per-click varies based on keyword competitiveness, but, on average, it’s around $0.06. YouTube mentions that most businesses start with about $10 per day for local ad campaigns. Once you set your daily campaign budget, YouTube will display your ad until the daily budget is spent.

Youtube is an increasingly valuable tool for marketing your products and services. Focusing on growing engagement will also result in increasing your revenue. If you can’t hear the video you are watching; you are less likely to stick around watching. Ideally, purchasing a professional microphone for about $150-$300.

You can respond to people’s comments , ask and answer questions, and « heart » people’s comments so viewers can see which comments are most important to read. You could also poll your audience to see what content they want to watch to increase viewership—which is critical if you want to make money on YouTube. If your video should be two minutes long but you stretched it to 10 and viewers drop off after one, you won’t rank higher just because your video is longer. Every element of your videos, from the video title to the description to keywords, can have a huge impact on how prominently they get featured in search results. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your rankings on YouTube and get in front of viewers when they need to see you most.

When a YouTube viewer sees your video for the first time, they’ll notice the thumbnail image before anything else. This is a big determiner of whether or not the viewer will opt to view your video. Give yourself the best odds of achieving greatness on YouTube by implementing the following five pro tips in addition to purchasing YouTube views from a reputable company. As you can see, there are quite a few downsides to buying fake YouTube views or using bots to generate more views on your account.

Seeding your content into discovery engines like StumbleUpon can also be a good way to drive additional traffic to your videos. Building your video around a single topic or keyword is the best way to drive traffic and grow your YouTube audience. Marketers that don’t know SEO risk missing this step to rank videos but it’s crucial to include it if you want your videos to get the maximum amount of viewers. Use a keyword tool like, which is specific to YouTube, to look for the most searched keywords in the niche you want to target. Head over to your competitor’s social media channels and look at their followers. You can also go through your competitor’s YouTube channel and check out what sort of people comment on their videos the most, and what they usually comment about.

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