How To Add Your Pronouns To Your Instagram Profile

Contests can be a great way to get new people to Like and follow your accounts, while also keeping your current fans engaged with your Page. Strangely enough, you can’t access this feature from the Instagram app on your smartphone. Instead, you have to log into your Instagram account on a web browser, either on your phone, tablet, or computer. Once you’re logged in go to your profile and either tap or click on « Edit Profile. » At the bottom of the page, you’ll see Similar Account Suggestions. Uncheck the box and you will no longer appear as a suggestion on someone else’s profile. Your final step in preventing your contacts from finding your Instagram account is to disable Similar Account Suggestions.

You want to make sure each social media network you are involved in serves a purpose. Make sure to add all of your upcoming events, blog posts, and everything else you decide to do with your business into this calendar. This will help you stay organized and understand how each of your social media accounts will bring in more untapped sectors for your business.

People get notifications when you like and comment on their posts and may check out your profile to return the favor. Like all social media networks, Instagram is about the communities built within it. One option is to use pinned comments to extend your caption beyond the maximum 2,200 characters by continuing the story in the comments. This lets you take on more detailed and in-depth storytelling, which may be a fit for some accounts. One of Instagram’s little-known features is the ability to pin up to three comments for each post.

These people will fuse promotional content into their routine posts, stories or live videos, creating brand awareness about your product. One of the key features of the best Instagram accounts, they’re social, they have a consistent engagement which helps to increase followers and likes. Getting Instagram likes doesn’t have to be hard, but it also requires some work.

The way Anna spent money, it was like she couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. One day, she brought Neff to a session with a personal trainer–slash–life coach she’d found online, a svelte, ageless Oprah-esque figure who works with celebrities like Dakota Johnson. Many reality TV fans are old enough to remember that things were not always this way.

Only TikTok and Zoom were ahead with 89 million and 81 million new downloads, respectively. Besides Facebook, this is one other app that has consistently maintained the top five position, with the number of downloads for the last couple of years. Read more about buy Instagram packages here. The numbers are quite impressive, even with the entry of other more recent apps likeTikTok. 50.8% of all Instagram users are female, while 49.2% are male .

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