Hoarding Of COVID Medication In Myanmar Causes Prices To Soar

Naing Pyho Aung Win, a physician treating coronavirus patients, mentioned moreover significantly reducing the body’s immunity, Tocilizumab aggravates pre-present diseases and can reactivate viruses similar to hepatitis B or tuberculosis which might be present within the body, he said. It needs to be used solely with a doctor’s prescription, » said Naing Pyho Aung Win. 582), however panic shopping for and hoarding have brought about the price to shoot up, mentioned a physician who declined to be named for security reasons. « There are businessmen who are hoarding the drugs. Myanmar’s wealthy are hoarding immunosuppressive and antiviral medications to treat the coronavirus, paying 1000’s of dollars for them within the country’s poorly regulated pharmaceutical market, whereas bizarre residents struggle to buy the drugs, drug sellers and medical professionals instructed RFA. Medical docs advised RFA that the medicine being purchased and bought illegally were solely for use by patients in intensive care items (ICUs) with a physician’s prescription. The physician mentioned that the patients he is treating don’t want Tocilizumab and Remdesivir, medicines, which ought to only be used in vital cases.

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