Eight Effective Tips For Marketing Through Instagram

You can easily create your own Instagram content using templates and branded hashtags. Feel free to repost content from other brands within your niche. I consider Instagram as one of the most popular social networks. In the article there is a great list of necassary things which can help anyone to drive more traffic to your Instagram profile. But it’s important to focus on cultivating a great community around the followers you do have. The more you focus and connect with on your existing followers, the more your audience will grow naturally.

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram benefits from being a platform where brands can essentially publish ads without shoving them in their followers’ faces. Likewise, it’s both courtesy and within Instagram’s best practices to tag anyone you might be regramming. Chances are they’ll be thrilled to be featured in your feed and will share the news with their own followers. For example, you can tag other brands and accounts in hopes of a shout-out yourself. Given that notifications ping anyone who receives them, relevant tags are a subtle way to encourage promotion.

For smaller social media teams or solo social media manager, it can be challenging to always create unique content for each platform. Crossposting and repurposing content from other platforms can be great, too. If you are doing that, it’d be best to craft specific caption for each social media platform as your followers likely follow you for a different reason for each of the platforms. The first step is to create a list of hashtags by which you want your posts to be found. You can use hashtags like #fitfam or #foodporn, for example. Once you have your list of hashtags, go through them and find the ones that get the most engagement from people in your target audience.

By now, you’re probably aware of just how useful social media can be, particularly when it comes to promoting your website. Make use of all Stories tags that are appropriate for your brand/business and content. Your business has a lot to gain by making sure your social media…

REI has #optoutside, Nike has #justdoit, KitKat has #HaveaBreak and your brand needs its own campaign or brand hashtags. Read more about buy likes on instagram here. That said, if your business has invested in creating great videos , with a studio, green screen, lapel mic and good camera, then video is the way to go. It gets more engagement than images and, conversely to what I said above, nothing communicates legitimacy and professionalism as fast as great video. All photos which are tagged with your contest hashtag are automatically populated into your contest page (this only works with a third-party contest builder, by the way).

In the photo that you place in your profile, you put a mark on the maximum possible number of people who may be interested in your offer. This facilitates the work and reduces the time spent on creating the post. In this case, the network has a large set of functions that do not limit the author in self-expression. More than half of Instagram users use this platform daily.

Location-specific posts will also attract potential followers. So always tag locations such as an event, or your business’ physical location. Cross-posting your content across platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook will maximize your reach and increase your ROI. Experimenting with different types of posts when advertising on Instagram is the best way to see what attracts your target audience the most.

Start a free trial of Sprout Social to test out our Instagram tools hands-on. You don’t have to have the « swipe up » feature to effectively drive traffic from your Instagram Stories. There are plenty of other ways to send to get users to head to the link in your bio as well. Bottom line, if you have a website or blog you need to know how to effectively use Instagram Stories to get people to take action.

Unlike other platforms, Instagram has a big demographics range reaching out to youngsters – 13 to 19 but does not exclude those in the prime buying age – 30 to 49. Easily create, analyze, and schedule Instagram posts and Stories with Hootsuite. And unlike buying followers, using Instagram ads is a totally legitimate and effective way to get more Instagram followers quickly with a small investment.

This allows you to send your audience wherever you want directly from your stories. I love coffee, but I don’t know much about it, so if you’re a coffee business or a coffee fanatic, forgive my lack of knowledge in this area. This is all just an example for how to use stories to make better product choices for your brand. Instagram stories can help you build this kind of connection with your audience, and these fun features can be very helpful in achieving that.

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