Digital Actuality and Pornography: An X-rated Debate

Streaming media and piracy had a profoundly damaging impact on adult entertainment’s establishment within the mid-2000s, and it is never been the identical. In 2003, Nielsen credited grownup content and file-sharing services (at the time, largely music) as the driving drive behind broadband adoption in Europe. Will our basest wishes drive adoption as they’ve with earlier mediums? That kind of thing doesn’t have a spot in VR. A lot of the internet is powered by technology that may not have been invented by the porn trade, but was pushed ahead by it. Porn might or is probably not the egg, but it is not price betting the farm on. Now, when the war over Betmax and VHS was going strong, the porn industry was nonetheless in its nascent phases. I felt the consequences on the porn industry first-hand after i lost my job at a small studio that wasn’t prepared for fast financial and technological change. HTC or Oculus need not embrace the porn industry necessarily, but they need to not actively try and defeat it.

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