Answers to the practical questions and problems contained in the fourteen weeks courses in physiology, philosophy, astronomy, and chemistry (old and new edition). By J. Dorman Steele.

x = weight of constituent. Wh/at wezigt of 0 is cozntained in 60 grs. How zmuch KI zill ie feormned in prehiartng 80 grs. of 0 from the amount, and the remainder will be the KC1. ClOj?,O = 48 = equivalent of constituent. of 0, and then subtract the So grs. 48: 122 l/2: So rs.: x x = 204.16 grs. First find how much ZnO Io lbs. of Zn will form; second, subtract the Io lbs. of 0 P First find how much KO.C106 will be required to make 80 grs. The constituent and compound are the same as in the last problem. How much H can be mzade from Io lbs. This 0 formed’ of the water, and binary options the remaining 5 is the H set free. of Zn, and the remainder is the 0 which came from the water. Zn = 32.5 = equivalent of the constituent. KO.C105 = 122’1/2 = « compound. ZnO = 40.5 = « . » compound. 35.5: 40.5:: 10 lbs.: x. How mtuch H can be made froMn 50 lbs. = weight of the constituent.

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The Persian Calendar, invented in the eleventh century as a correction of the Julian, is remarkable for its accuracy; it consists in making every fourth year bissextile seven times in succession, and making the change for the eighth time in the fifth year instead of the fourth. This is equivalent to reckoning the Tropical year as 365s8 days, which exceeds the period determined by astronomers only by o.oooI823 of a day, or only 2- of a second, so that it would require a great number of centuries to displace sensibly the commencement of the Civil year. By intercalating the extra day of leap-year, he introduced what is known as the Julian calendar, which is still in use. Thus in every 400 years there are reckoned only 97 leap years, making the length of the year 3654r-, which exceeds the Tropical year by 0.000258I of a day, or very nearly one second. If, following the analogy of the Gregorian Calendar, our successors shall suppress a bissextile every 4000 years, so as to make 969 instead of 970 leap years in that interval, the length of the year would become 365-.9?6 days, or 365.2422500 days, instead of 365.242219 days, as determined by observation.-Haughton’s Astronomy. Page 260 260 ANSWERS TO PRACTICAL QUESTIONS nomical knowledge, called to his assistance a Greek astronomer named Sosigenes, and adjusted the civil year to the astronomical year. The Gregorian Calendar usually employed is somewhat less exact, but it is more easily reduced to days, years, and centuries, which is one of the most important objects of a calendar. It consists in employing a bissextile year every fourth year, suppressing three bissextiles in three centuries, and replacing one in the fourth.

Using data from Eurobarometer 83.4, this study combines the two branches of research that address climate-related and biodiversity-related opinions and actions of individuals in the EU. The analysis focused on two Eurobarometer questions about buying local and seasonal food (to fight climate change) and about buying organic and local food (to protect biodiversity and nature). The contribution of this study is to demonstrate how these attitudes can influence behavior that has environmental repercussions for both issues, such as food consumption practices. The literature shows that the differences between climate-related and biodiversity-related policies correspond, at an individual level, to a person’s basic attitudes towards environmental protection and towards nature protection, respectively. The results of two multinomial regression analyses, separately in Northwestern European countries and Eastern and Southern European countries, demonstrated that climate-related and biodiversity-related attitudes were, independent of each other, related to the adoption of these purchase behaviors. The results may support Europe’s new Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy and indicate that improving food consumption practices can enable individuals to better play their part in fighting climate change and biodiversity loss simultaneously, which opens up interesting new perspectives for policymakers, businesses and consumers.5 months ago

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