8 Key Tips to Success in Online Exams

Summer is upon us, with the shorter days and lighter nights. Exam season is fast approaching for students across the globe.

In a normal year, you only need to revise the material and show up at your assigned time. Because most exams are now conducted remotely, it’s important to make some extra preparations.

No matter if this is your first time taking online exams, or you simply want to be more prepared, we have the right information for you.

We have compiled these top tips to help students succeed on their online exams.

  1. Establish a positive environment for revisions and exams

Create your own exam environment and revising environment.

Everyone is unique, so it may not be easy to live with others who also work or study from home. Ideally, any private and quiet area you can find will work.

To work effectively, you need a flat surface. Anything you can find, such as garden furniture or cabinets, will work to create a flat surface that is stable.

To reduce noise in the shared area, you should wear headphones.

  1. Notify your family members or housemates about the exam and study schedule

Make sure everyone knows when you will be taking the exam. This will enable them to plan alternate arrangements and reduce interruptions.

Try to find the quietest time of day to study if you use a communal area of the house. You can use earplugs to block out any background noises in shared spaces.

  1. Make a mock exam paper using online exam conditions

To get comfortable with the exam process, you can often use a mock paper when sitting in-person exams. Ask your tutor to let you have a try at a mock using exam software.

To test if your exam conditions work for you, create them yourself.

This is an opportunity to verify that your space has reliable internet access, that it can be used for work, and that the software can be accessed easily.

  1. Do software checks during the day

Prepare for the exam by being ready and set up 45 minutes prior to the start of the exam.

Pre-exam checks may be required depending on which online exam portal is being used. This could include holding your ID up to the camera and scanning the room with the laptop’s camera.

It is very important to check that your microphone and webcam are working as well as your internet connection. Many portals will use them to confirm that you aren’t cheating. Your internet connection may disconnect or the camera is not working properly.

  1. Find out who to contact for technical difficulties

Even with all of the checks and practice runs that are available, sometimes things go wrong. But don’t panic! Don’t panic! Your tutor will give you contact details for someone who can assist you in technical issues.

This person’s phone number can be saved so that you can contact them quickly if required. Their contact information can be used to contact the invigilator. If the issue is not resolved, your exam may be halted or extended.

  1. Comfortable clothes

As we all know, one of the best things about taking online exams is being in our pajamas.

You are not allowed to leave the exam area for any length of time. Therefore, make sure you wear something that you’re comfortable in.

It is important to read any exam guidelines prior to taking the exam. It could be watches, hooded sweatshirts, or coats.

  1. If you have multiple exams take breaks

If you were taking in-person tests, you would naturally take a short break between each one to discuss with your friends how it went. This is still possible and encouraged!

After you’ve submitted answers, go outside and get some fresh air. Call a friend to find out how they felt.

This will allow your mind to shut down for a while and allow you to get a good rest before you go into your next exam. Hydration is key to keeping your mind clear and focused.

  1. Keep track.

Even though it may not feel normal, it is important to treat the exam as one.

You can click through the pages and read every question before taking the exam. This will enable you to know what you are getting so that you can formulate the answers.

You will find an invigilator or large clock reminding you of time during a normal exam. Make sure to check the clock often and keep track of time so that you don’t suddenly run out.

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