5 Steps to Develop a Successful Instagram Strategy in 2022

They say life is about timing, the same can be said for your posts on Instagram. Because videos can be viewed from both the Reels tab and the In-Feed view, it’s important to place your text in the middle of your video. By putting the text in this « safe zone », you can ensure that it won’t get cut off. Adding music to your Reels lets you keep up with trends, while making you more discoverable on the platform.

Instagram is not only about beautiful pictures with sunsets or cups of coffee next to Macbooks. Instagram is a place where people spend their time to get inspired and also to communicate with other users. It’s not only a platform where you can post a photo, edit a photo, or post a video you shot with Boomerang. If you want to master the Instagram Game, you should look at this platform differently than your friends or family.

Influencer marketing has gotten way more savvy in recent years, and businesses will do their due diligence on you before bringing you on for any sort of sponsorship. If you want to be paid by followers, your focus should be on helping your followers understand why they need the thing that you sell. Use every Instagram post as an opportunity to connect with your audience, and notice how many followers engage with you along the way. At the end of the day this is EXACTLY what happened on Facebook..

Basically, it means getting as many people as possible to like, comment, share, and save your posts. Engagement is important because it is the only way to know whether people are actually paying attention to and are enjoying what you’re posting. Keep in mind, if you want your branding tactics to work, you need to add the call-to-action button in the posts and stories. Well, that is a small button, link, or any sticker posted on the stories and shared under the posts. This tiny element helps your business to drive the interested visitors towards the purchase. With the help of the call-to-action button, you can hype up the followers to visit your website or main profile for more information and purchasing purposes.

Read more about buy likes on instagram here. My August strategy was to post 2 reels a week and while I saw a big increase in my reach and followers, everything dropped again after 2 weeks. I’m wondering if there’s something to « overusing » reels that the algorithm then starts ‘penalising’ you for?. I love creating content, and I know it helps my audience.

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