100 Greatest Rap

Lyrically, he’s in a league of his own but his breath control doesn’t get the due it deserves. Over the last decade and some change, since his foray into the rap game, his versatility has been a key to his success. Although it’s heavily rooted in midwest/Southern influences, he’s applied the skills from artists that came before him.

Becamethe mainstream.It’s Dark and Hell Is Hotdebuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and achieved multi-platinum sales. Timing plays a role in this success, but really, so much credit is owed to the fact that DMX was rapping with a truly original, at times jarring, audaciousness. Was released just over two weeks after Biggie passed and peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The album was an ambitious two-disc set with a tracklist comprised of every type of song imaginable. It’s an incredibly influential project, before you even press play. Double L’s was the most urgent and authentic voice in hip-hop that year.

By the time he was set to release 2006′s « King, » he had reached the top of the rap mountain. Fittingly, the album’s lead single comes armed with DJ Toomp beat that packs on the cinematic effect. It’s an epic anthem befitting T.I.’s status as a rap icon. « Tear da Club Up » was Three 6 Mafia’s breakthrough, « Sippin’ on Some Syrup » affirmed they were capable of cranking out top-notch anthems.

Another element that is obviously deserving of praise is his lyricism. When one wonders who is the wordiest wordsmith in the whole wide world, DOOM comes crashing in. We ranked the top 50 best rappers according to flow, only. 400 Degreez bottles the absurdity, the severity, and the rank unpredictability of existing in the parts of New Orleans tourists don’t go there to see.

With John Woo’s Killer and Scarface excerpts throughout, Chef Rae brought narrative Rap albums to a boiling point. With the Clansmen in the wings—using their Wu-Gambino aliases, this LP drew a clear line for how the parts of the Clan body operated outside of their sums. For Rae’ and Ghost’ it was straight « Criminology. » The two MCs spit it in a way that could not be held up in a court of law, but violated so many Rap conventions. The MC gave listeners the benefit of the doubt of putting the puzzles together—making it an active experience. « Glaciers Of Ice » melted the brain, with a fast-paced flow, and an inventive world. « Knowledge God » took Nas’ « One Love » concept, and rewrote it in a way that the guards could not understand.

It’s unfortunate that the hoopla over 2 Live Crew’s sexually charged songs eclipsed the group’s musical accomplishment. The obscenity case over their 1989 LP,As Nasty as They Wanna Be, took them all the way to the Supreme Court. They weren’t lyrical wizards, but their thunderous booty bops helped popularize the Miami bass sound. If this show is any indication, they’re still as nasty as they wanna be. Show of hands if you ever caught yourself mimicking Bone Thugs’ melodic flow as a teenager.

How DJ Premier thought to find that water dripping sound from a sample of Shelly Manne’s « Infinity » is mind-boggling. Jeru brings a captivating flow over one of DJ Premier’s finest beats. Read more about https://singersroom.com/content/2022-09-02/the-3-greatest-hip-hop-acts-of-all-time/ here. « Come Clean » came right as the East Coast was looking to take a bite of the West Coast’s dominance in the early 1990s. Few emcees and producers, if any, were doing something this one-of-a-kind on either coast. You could make the case the two best verses of Kendrick Lamar’s career come on « m.A.A.d City, » the spark plug of a track on his sophomore album. Both versus feature Lamar rapping in a different tone than he does on the rest of the album.

His albums consistently garner acclaim, withTha Carterseries all platinum hits. With every ensuing album Nas always reminds fans that he’s still the same Queensbridge MC who crafted one of the greatest albums of all time, and arguably the bible of hip hop,Illmatic. There’s a reason Run-DMC is hailed as the greatest live hip-hop act of its era. Because of their stripped-down beats and rhymes, the group amplified the genius of every aspect of their concert presentation up to 11.

The thirty-year veteran will get his words out by any means necessary. If it means he needs to be a little unconventional, he’ll happily get clever. Roc-A-Fella Records founded by Jay Z owns some of the best albums in rap in the last decade. A few of these albums include Watch the Throne, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Reasonable Doubt.

Some of his best-known single records are « Whatever You Like » and « Live Your Life, » which featured Rihanna. His first solo album came out in 1999, Black on Both Sides. He has since released several other albums and has appeared in a variety of different movies, including Bamboozled and Brown Sugar. No one can not mention southern hip hop without the Geto Boys who, along with J Prince of Rap A Lot, helped pioneered and introduced southern rap music through the likes of Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill. A powerful rap group of the late 1980s and early 1990s truly represented for the people.

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