10 Easy Ways to Get More Likes on TikTok

Even if you want to get TikTok famous, your content shouldn’t be all about what everyone thinks is cute or funny. Read more about buy tiktok followers cheap here. Share it with the world even if you haven’t seen other TikToks with that kind of style or humor. The idea of being loved by everyone on TikTok is fun to imagine, but it’s a bit more realistic to think about finding a niche and sticking with it. Combine your own skills or shortcomings with trending topics. Have you noticed more than one video that contains a particular dance routine?.

Some of the most popular challenges of recent times include the Fake Travel Challenge, Raindrop Challenge, and Haribo Challenge. There are two types of people, some who follow trends and some who create ‘em. In addition to this, pay special attention to the profile picture.

From influencer marketing to sponsored hashtag challenges, there are plenty of opportunities for brands to get involved with TikTok. One practice we see many people make is simply tag all of the trending hashtags in their captions. However, please don’t do this unless those hashtags are actually relevant to what you’re posting. If you’ve perused the platform before, you’ve likely noticed a few videos follow very similar outlines or use the same sound clip. This is because that type of video is trending, proving its popularity. Try to create a similar video that makes sense for your business and take advantage of relevant TikTok trends.

Shannon Jade is an author, editor, and marketer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She holds a BA in creative writing, professional writing, and publishing and is always working on her next story. When she’s not writing, Shannon can usually be found reading a book, drinking a cup of tea, or talking about books on social media. Your audience can be a great source of content inspiration, providing you with new ideas and highly relevant data. Make the most of follower input by including it in your marketing plan. As always, you can count on the Plann team for the best social media advice.

« I really love to make people laugh, so I decided if I’m gaining this following I should try to make the kind of content I wanted to make … when I was younger, » Trullinger said. Audrey Trullinger’s TikTok videos are « comedy sketches with a little bit of fashion and lifestyle sprinkled in. » She has 1.4M followers. Like all entrepreneurs, successful influencers always start their career with an idea of what they are passionate about and what content best fits their talents. Give proper attention to filters, text banners, and viral music to create a great viewing experience.

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